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Going nuts for Sustainability!

16 March 2022
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Nuts for Sustainability
The inaugural Level 9 Certificate in Design for Sustainability & Circular Economies, in partnership with TUS Midwest, continues from strength to strength. Participants are now over halfway through the programme and are developing their projects which will be presented in the final week.


Last week’s guest lecturer was Alez Jiminez from Barcelona-based agency – nutcreatives – who spoke about Design for Positive Impact.


nutcreatives slide

Alex shared case studies and examples of nutcreatives’ work. The lesson included discussion on creating maintainable street furniture, bus stops with replaceable/repairable sections, utilising waste materials such as offcuts from marble workshops (from making worktops etc), to create benches, creating no-emissions interior furniture, the challenges of recycling upholstery (you can’t, currently), the environmental footprint of large pieces of furniture like sofas (transport/size/la of transparency re materials) and cooling mechanisms for LEDs in lamps and lighting.


nutcreatives slide 2

Alex highlighted the critical importance of design to the future of our planet – currently too much of the focus is still on recycling and that will not be enough to save the Earth.

When we are designing that we have the opportunity to prevent rather than to heal – when we design we can design for life.

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