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Innovation & Creativity for Commercial Success

June 7th, 21st and July 7th 2023 12-1:30pm
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Delivered online via Zoom

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Members (IDI, ICAD, IAPI and 100 Archive)*: €45 per webinar
Non-members: €75 per webinar

Innovation and Creativity for Commercial Success

Innovation Leadership Programme webinar series.

Creative businesses are full of innovation – the key is how to systematically harness, steer and manage that creativity to further your commercial success.

Across 3 x 90-minute interactive webinars, Russell Beck (Design Leaders Conference 2020 speaker and Director of Inspiration at ImagineThinkDo), together with the Founder of ImagineThinkDo, Alison Beck, will explore:

  • What really is innovation for business success?
  • Moving from creating ideas to actually realising value from them
  • Opportunities versus innovation myths
  • Identifying innovation potential and strengths in your people
  • Choosing different creativity techniques to suit the different members of your team
  • Filtering and nurturing ideas
  • Creating and maintaining an environment of innovation

Please see the breakdown of each individual webinar further below.

This series is brought to you by Design Skillnet in collaboration with Learning Waves Skillnet, ISME Skillnet and Design Print & Packaging Skillnet.

Participants will be from all 4 Skillnets, to create a melting pot of ideas and knowledge sharing.

Delivered by Russell Beck and Alison Beck of Imagine Think Do.


Webinar Breakdown


What is innovation for business?

Session 1: What is innovation for business?

  • What is happening in the external environment and how do you shape up?
  • What is innovation? From creating ideas to realising value from them.
  • Why innovation matters in business: what is happening externally and where is the opportunity versus the hype/myths?
  • What are you currently doing well and where do you need help?


Developing innovation within your team

Session 2: Developing innovation potential within your team

  • Choosing creativity techniques to suit every member of your team.
  • Find out what it takes to be innovative.
  • Identifying innovation strengths in our people.
  • How to have a good idea – creativity techniques that you can try out.
  • Practical application using topical issues as subject matter.


Establish an environment for creating value from innovation

Session 3: Establishing an environment for creating value from innovation:

  • Embedding a culture of innovation for business success
  • And embedding it into your business/culture!
  • How to convert ideas into tangible value.
  • How to filter and nurture ideas.
  • How to handle failures.
  • How to notice, savour and recognise success.



The series includes three interactive online sessions. Book the entire set or simply book the sessions you find most valuable.

Members*: €45 per webinar
Non-members: €75 per webinar

Book ticket for:

*Members’ rate is open to private sector and commercial semi-state members of IDI, ICAD, IAPI and 100 Archive, operating in the Republic of Ireland.

Members of Learning Waves, ISME and Design Print & Packaging Skillnets should book via their applicable Skillnet to avail of the member rate.

About the trainer

Russell Beck


Russell Beck is a widely acknowledged thought-leader across people management and leadership.

He brings an engineer’s desire for knowledge, an inquisitive need for evidence and a belief that things can be better with an inspirational, passionate and charismatic style.  He connects dots in informative and novel ways to challenge organisations and leaders to think differently about and to take tangible actions to unlock the potential and productivity of their most expensive asset, their people.  


His company, ImagineThinkDo is a specialist people strategy consultancy that inspires and challenges leaders to think differently about their people’s agendas and helps turn those thoughts into action


Russell draws on a diverse background having worked as an engineering project leader in 26 countries, as a Managing Director of a £120m turnover outsourcing business, and as a global people strategy consultant.  

Russell delivers conference keynotes, ‘inspire and challenge’ talks and interactive workshops, including the 2020 Design Leaders Conference, hosted by Design Skillnet.  He has lectured at the Cambridge University Judge School of Management, UCSD and Nottingham Trent University and has worked with executives of many organisations including Top Employers Institute, dnata, Bionical EMAS, SafeLives and others.  


His key topics of interest include:

  • The future of work – future-proofing your business and your career
  • Overcoming the great resignation
  • High performing teams
  • Leadership and management after Covid
  • Meaning and Purpose – embedding the ‘why?’
  • Productivity, wellness and sleep – what you and your business can do about it
  • The challenges and opportunities of a multi-generational workforce


Russell has a 1st class degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering, a Masters in research (both from Bath University) and a Diploma in Business Studies from Henley Business School.

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