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Professional Certificate in Content Design 2024

Next intake: July 4th 2024 10-week programme
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Subsidised government funded rate*: €1045
Full Rate : €2050

Professional Diploma in Content Design

Online | Fit to your Schedule | University Accreditation | Industry-approved

Commencement Date: July 4th 2024.


Build a rewarding career in content design.

Learn the skills you need to build a rewarding career in content design with a globally recognised, industry-approved qualification.

Get the mindset, the confidence and the skills that will help you stand out in a rapidly growing industry.


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Why take this course and get certified in content design?

Work in a high-growth industry:

Open a world of new opportunities. Develop the content design skills that are in high demand worldwide.
  • Be in demand: Certified qualifications will help you stand out in a fast-growing industry
  • Broaden your opportunities: Optimise your skills to get hired at leading companies

Do meaningful and rewarding work:

Join the creators, innovators and designers who are shaping our digital lives. Design products and experiences that help real people solve real problems.
  • Build a career with impact
  • Design content experiences that will influence users worldwide

Credibility and confidence:

Get the confidence that comes from a deep understanding of content design. With a credit-rated certificate, valued by employers everywhere.
  • Get qualified. Earn a university credit-rated certification approved by industry leaders
  • Gain the confidence you need to succeed. UX Design Institute mentors, career advisors and the student community will support you all the way

Programme Details:

Duration:  10 weeks, self-paced 

Get certified in 10 weeks following a flexible, structured learning path.

Delivery:  Fully online

The course is delivered entirely online, including on-demand video, mentoring, and support.

Assessment:  Exam and projects  

Before getting certified, you’ll be assessed during a 60-minute online exam.


Programme and syllabus:

What’s covered in the course*

These are the nine comprehensive modules in the course that cover all aspects of best practice UI design:

  • Introduction to content design

  • Principles of good content design

  • Voice, tone and style

  • Understanding your users

  • Writing for interfaces

  • The product mindset

  • Testing content

  • AI for content design

  • Working in content design

*scroll down for details on each module.

Who is it for?

This course is for creatives who want to enhance their skills for the digital world and stand out in the vibrant content design industry:

  • UX and UI Designers who want to become more rounded professionals
  • Content Designers looking for a formal qualification that validates their expertise
  • Digital Marketers who need content design skills to succeed in their roles
  • Anybody with a writing, content or design background looking for a creative tech job


University credit-rated, industry-approved:

The content design course is credit-rated by Glasgow Caledonian University via the UX Design Institute and has been reviewed and endorsed by leaders in the tech industry, which means the course meets the highest possible educational standards part of the European Qualifications Framework, a globally recognised mark of quality.

It covers everything you need to become a certified content design professional.


Course Alumni:

You’re in good company.  The UX Design Institute‘s alumni practice UX design with the world’s leading organisations.

What’s included?



As well as course support via the UX Design Institute‘s Student Success team, World-class Course mentor, Career coaches, Student community to collaborate, share tips and build connections via lively student Slack channels and a comprehensive student handbook.



Deadline for applications: June 5th 2024.

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Professional Certificate in Content Design Brochure 2024



Design Skillnet’s subsidised government-funded rate*: €1045.

Full Retail Rate: €2050


**Member rates apply to members of IDI, ICAD, IAPI, 100 Archive who are private sector or commercial semi-state organisations based in the Republic of Ireland.

Please note the cost of flights and accommodation for the exchange visit or travel to Dublin are not included in the programme fee. Installment plans can be discussed.

More information on Design Skillnet subsidies eligibility requirements. Please contact us directly at  to discuss your interest and membership options.


Do you have a question?

Do you have a question about the programme’s content, structure, or eligibility? Want to enquire about other intakes?

Register your interest for this programme to book a call with our advisory expert, put your questions to the team and be the first to hear about the next intake or similar programmes.


*Subject to eligibility. Design Skillnet offers co-funding (subsidy) on this programme to members of IDI, ICAD, IAPI and 100 Archive, based in ROI, working in the private sector.

UX Design Institute

About UX Design Institute

The UX Design Institute is setting the gold standard in UX education across the globe. Formerly known as UX Training, they have trained thousands of digital professionals across the globe and helped them pursue successful careers in UX design. Their alumni now work as UX designers with some of the world’s leading companies; Google, Facebook, IBM, Aer Lingus, Accenture, Vodafone, Virgin, Dell, Three, WorkDay and many more.

Design Skillnet training focuses on helping designers and creatives in their careers and their businesses to up-skill their teams and attract and service clients in a rapidly changing commercial landscape.


This module will provide you with a broad overview of the world of Content Design. You will begin by understanding the importance of content design in the digital era. You will also be introduced to some of its fundamental concepts. You’ll learn about what content designers do and how they fit into organisations.

Lessons include:

• The mission of content design
• What is content design?
• Beyond the user
• Content design or UX writing?
• The content designer’s role


This module focuses on the six principles of good content design. You will explore these principles through the lens of real- world examples to gain a firm understanding of their application and the different challenges associated with each one.

Lessons include:

• Principle 1: Clear
• Principle 2: Accurate
• Principle 3: Context- sensitive
• Principle 4: Transparent
• Principle 5: Cohesive
• Principle 6: Inclusive
• Assessing content design

In this module, you’ll learn about the importance of voice, tone and style while creating a personality for your product or service. You’ll learn how to define each of these concepts and how to leverage them to create a compelling experience for your users.

Lessons include:

• Understanding voice
• Understanding tone
• Understanding style
• Documenting voice, tone, and style

This module takes an in-depth look at user research in content design. We begin with a look at the importance of user research for content design. You will then learn about the different research methods that are available to you as a content designer.

Lessons include:

• Types of research
• Three stories about research
• Depth interviews
• Online surveys
• Survey deep-dive
• Card sorting
• Conversation mining
• Internal research
• Conversational sketching
• Mapping content needs to the journey

In this module, you’ll explore key design components such as buttons, lists, and notifications, learning best practices for writing microcopy for these element types. You’ll also learn how to make your content accessible.

Lessons include:

• Design components
• Writing for buttons
• Writing for lists
• Writing for notifications
• Design patterns
• Writing for forms
• Writing for empty states
• But, is it accessible?

This module looks at ways to embed content into the product development process. You’ll learn about design systems and how you can contribute to them effectively to scale the impact of our work as a content designer. You’ll also get introduced to product design tools like Figma.

Lessons include:

• Design systems
• Reviewing design systems
• Design tools
• Asking for feedback
• Considering SEO

In this module, you’ll learn key techniques for testing the effectiveness of your content. We start by exploring methods for testing interface content, include usability tests and A/B tests. Next, you’ll learn how to assess longer pieces of content for readability and clarity.

Lessons include:

• Testing interface content
• Usability testing
• A/B testing
• Testing content on its own
• Cloze testing
• Comprehension testing
• Highlighter testing

In this module you’ll learn about the practical applications of AI tools like ChatGPT for content design. You learn how to get the most out of AI with prompt engineering. This module will also teach you how to accelerate your content design workflow by integrating AI into your day-to-day methods. Finally, we’ll cover the ethical implications of using AI.

Lessons include:

• AI for content design
• Prompt engineering
• Supercharging your workflow
• AI and Ethics

In this final module, you’ll learn valuable tips for becoming a content champion within your organisation, and how to build your profile as a content designer. You’ll get advice from experts on the skills a content designer needs and what your portfolio should include.

This closing module will prepare you to continue exploring and growing in the dynamic field of content design.

Lessons include:

• Being a content champion
• Ask the experts: Working in content design

Learn how to prepare designs for presentation and handover.

There are four projects that you’ll need to complete as part of your studies:

• Assessing content design
• Conversation mining
• Cloze test
• Writing interface copy

Get assessed on your knowledge through a final exam.

You will be eligible to sit the exam when you’ve completed all lessons and submitted your projects. Once all projects have been submitted, you will receive an email with a link to register for the exam.

You’ll also get invited to our Exam Hub, which includes lots of helpful information on sitting the exam.

The exam is 60 minutes long and is administered online. It contains 60 multiple choice questions, covering material from each of the 9 core modules.

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