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Professional Certificate in UI 2024

Next intake: Match 6th 2024 3-month programme
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Subsidised government funded rate*: €1045
Full Rate : €2050

Professional Certificate in UI

Online | Fit to your Schedule | University Accreditation | Industry-approved

Commencement Date: March 6th 2024.

UI (user interface) skills are sought worldwide and invaluable to enhancing the visual appearance of websites and apps and bringing products to life for anyone involved in digital product design and development.

Why get certified in User Interface?

  1. Better communications  – Strong communication skills lead to effective designs. Build your confidence and authority with inside-out knowledge of this critical domain.
  2. Deeper knowledgeValidate your existing knowledge and push deeper into the latest design techniques and trends.
  3. Diverse skills Learning never stops. Boost your career and differentiate your skillset with a world-class, credit-rated certification.

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Programme Details:

Duration:  3 months, self-paced 

Get certified in 3 months following a flexible, structured learning path.

Delivery:  Fully online  

The course is delivered entirely online, including on-demand video, mentoring, and support.

Assessment:  Exam and projects  

Before getting certified, you’ll be assessed during a 60-minute online exam.



Programme and syllabus:

What’s covered in the course*

These are the ten comprehensive modules in the course that cover all aspects of best practice UI design:

  • Introduction to UI design

  • Brands and personality

  • Layout Design principles

  • Interactivity

  • Typography Colour, shapes and effects

  • Iconography and imagery

  • Design process

  • Presenting designs

*scroll down for details on each module.

Who is it for?

  • Graphic Designers and Digital Designers who want to upskill in UI design
  • UI Designers who want to strengthen their knowledge and craft
  • UX Professionals who want to become more rounded Product Designers
  • Anybody with a design background looking for a creative job in tech




Deadline for applications: February 6th 2024.


Apply for the programme:


Professional Certificate in UI Design Brochure 2024:



Design Skillnet’s subsidised government-funded rate*: €1045.

Full Retail Rate: €2050

Instalment payments are available.


Do you have a question?

Do you have a question about the programme’s content, structure, or eligibility? Want to enquire about other intakes?

Register your interest for this programme to book a call with our advisory expert, put your questions to the team and be the first to hear about the next intake or similar programmes.


*Subject to eligibility. Design Skillnet offers co-funding (subsidy) on this programme to members of IDI, ICAD, IAPI and 100 Archive, based in ROI, working in the private sector.

UX Design Institute

About UX Design Institute

The UX Design Institute is setting the gold standard in UX education across the globe. Formerly known as UX Training, they have trained thousands of digital professionals across the globe and helped them pursue successful careers in UX design. Their alumni now work as UX designers with some of the world’s leading companies; Google, Facebook, IBM, Aer Lingus, Accenture, Vodafone, Virgin, Dell, Three, WorkDay and many more.

Design Skillnet training focuses on helping designers and creatives in their careers and their businesses to up-skill their teams and attract and service clients in a rapidly changing commercial landscape.


In your first module, you’ll gain an understanding of the fundamentals of UI elements and design systems. You’ll learn why good UI matters and understand the role of UI design in the UX process. You’ll also recognise the effects of poor UI and begin learning how to avoid it in your designs.

Lessons include:

• Why good UI matters
• Role of the UI designer
• UI elements fundamentals
• Design systems
• Effects of bad UI

Understanding how to infuse a brand’s personality into a design is a core skill for a UI professional. In this module, you’ll learn how to bring a brand to life through typography, colour, layout and more. You’ll discover the impact of simplicity in UI design and how it affects the user experience.

Lessons include:

• Interpreting brands and personalities
• Infusing brand values into a UI
• Inspiration and mood boards

In this module, you’ll become familiar with the fundamentals of layout. You’ll learn techniques that bring balance and order to an interface and, in turn, improve the user experience. Finally, you’ll understand how to design responsively.

Lessons include:

• Layout
• Visual hierarchy
• Margins, gutters and padding
• 8 point grid system and design systems
• Alignment in UI
• Responsive design

This module will bring you through the core principles of design. You’ll learn how these principles impact the user’s psychology, and you’ll recognise their role in creating effective, successful products.

Lessons include:

• Proximity
• Grouping or chunking
• Similarity
• Symmetry
• Continuation
• Closure
• Affordance
• Visual hierarchy and proportion

This module focuses on understanding the interactive nature of digital products. You’ll recognise the different components and states used in interfaces and what they mean to the user. You’ll learn how to incorporate these elements into your designs to create easy-to-use, intuitive UIs.

Lessons include:

• Design patterns
• Thumb reachability
• Forms
• Input controls
• Informational components
• iOS and Android GUI patterns

Typography is a core feature of any design, from navigation and headings to labels and hyperlinks. In this module, you’ll learn to master this timeless skill. You’ll discover how best to apply typography in all aspects of design and visual communication.

Lessons include:

• The power of typography
• Scanning patterns
• Hierarchy
• Font selection
• X-height and baseline
• Line height and line length
• Contrast and space
• Styling

This module will guide you through the use of colour, shape and effects in UI design. You’ll learn the role these elements can play in aiding communication and usability, expressing brand personality, directing attention and more.

Lessons include:

• The power of white and grey
• Accessibility
• Primary, secondary and accent colours
• Shape in UI design
• Colour models
• Creating a colour palette
• Removing visual noise

Iconography, illustration and imagery are the visual language of UI design. In this module, you’ll learn how to use these elements to communicate with users, bring brand values to life and enhance your designs.

Lessons include:

• Using icons
• Designing and personalising icons
• Using images
• Image treatments

In this module, you’ll learn how to approach a new UI
design project. You’ll recognise the importance of excellent communication in achieving an efficient workflow. You’ll learn how to interpret wireframes and become familiar with each step of the design process.

Lessons include:

• Interpreting wireframes
• Starting your design
• Ideating and design iterations
• Presenting information visually
• Animating a user interface

In your final module, you’ll learn how to present your designs. You’ll recognise the importance of supporting your design choices with a solid rationale and evidence of user testing. And, you’ll learn how to improve the handover process.

Lessons include:

• Presenting designs
• Considering the audience
• Critique and feedback
• Preparing for handover

Develop your UI portfolio through a series of step-by-step activities. 

Assessment is based on a combination of a final project and a computer-based examination. Both are designed to measure your knowledge and UI design expertise following completion of all lessons.

Your project accounts for 40% of the overall assessment score. The exam accounts for 60%. You need a total overall score of 60% to graduate and receive your certificate.

The duration of the exam is 60 minutes.

A range of different question formats are used, including text-based multiple-choice, image-based multiple-choice, matching and hot spot questions.

Our online assessment platform means you can take the exam online, wherever and whenever is convenient.

To meet the requirements of our university partner, the assessment platform includes a number of security features that will require you to verify your identity. This helps ensure the credibility and value of the qualification that you’ll receive.

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