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Taking the Lead With Creatives 2024

Wednesday 17th April & Friday 19th April 9:30am-4pm
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Delivered remotely online.

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Members of IDI, IAPI, ICAD, 100 Archive*: €295
Non-Members: €375


 A dynamic, interactive and impactful programme for new supervisors and managers who lead creatives and designers.

For First Time People Managers – or First in a Long Time(!) – who are managing Creatives. Learn the fundamentals of people management and practical tools and techniques crucial for success in your day-day role!

This 2-day online workshop is tailored for those stepping into or returning to a managerial role overseeing Creatives.

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Who Should Attend

This programme is ideal for first-time people managers who report into more senior managers and have the responsibility for the day-to-day people management of their respective creative and design teams.

It is also suited to those who may have managed people previously but not for some time and who now find themselves managing people again.

The workshop is designed using the latest neuroscience research into how we learn and how we retain and reuse learning in the normal flow of our work and considers the various work models used by organisations now and into the future.

Programme Objectives and What you will Take Away

At the end of this workshop, participants will have:

  • A fresh perspective on their role as a manager.
  • A laser-sharp focus on the skills to enhance their impact as a manager.
  • Greater self and team awareness.
  • A challenge to the paradigm of work models, including hybrid working where appropriate.
  • Clarity on what they need to do to be an even more effective manager.

What you will Experience

Experience a learning journey that is simple and easy to apply seamlessly into the flow of your work. Engage in a challenging workshop tailored for creatives, with a laser-sharp focus on the key areas that elevate you as a great leader in your professional role. This program disrupts your thinking about your role, offering insights on how to be most impactful.

This program provides a platform for open discussions, exploration, and strategic planning, complemented by extensive skills practice and valuable feedback.


2 Full days:

Wednesday 17th April 2024 (9:30am to 4pm)

Friday 19th April 2024 (9:30am to 4pm)


Member Price* (IDI, IAPI, ICAD, 100 Archive members): €295

Non-Member Price: €375

Ticket sale ends on 17th April 2024

*Current Members of  IDIIAPIICAD100 Archive working in the private or commercial semi-state sector and based in the Republic of Ireland can avail of subsidised fees on the workshops! Find out how to become a member and avail of the subsidies.


This topic aims to equip participants with the skills and insights needed to inspire collaboration, enhance morale, and ultimately drive the team towards a common and meaningful goal.

The focus is on instilling a collective vision and values that resonate with each team member, fostering a cohesive and motivated working environment. Through interactive discussions and practical exercises, attendees will explore strategies to align individual goals with the broader team objectives, creating a unified sense of purpose that propels the team towards success.


This topic delves into the nuanced dynamics of managing “right-brained” (more creative) employees versus their “left-brained” counterparts. Explore strategies to harness the unique strengths and communication styles of each group, fostering a collaborative and productive work environment. Gain insights into tailoring leadership approaches to accommodate the divergent thinking processes and motivations of creative individuals, ensuring a harmonious balance within the team.

This topic is a comprehensive exploration of strategies and principles aimed at fostering strong collaboration and synergy within a group. Participants delve into the dynamics of team formation, communication strategies, and the cultivation of a positive team culture. The module emphasizes the importance of understanding individual strengths and leveraging them to create a high-performing team.

Through practical exercises and real-world scenarios, participants gain insights into team dynamics, conflict resolution, and the essential elements of effective teamwork, empowering them to create and lead successful teams in their professional endeavors.

This topic is dedicated to honing the essential skill of giving impactful feedback on design decisions. Participants will learn effective strategies to articulate constructive criticism, highlight strengths, and guide improvements in the creative process. Emphasizing clarity and precision in communication, this module equips individuals with the tools to foster a positive and collaborative environment, enhancing the overall quality of design outcomes through thoughtful and influential feedback.

Focusing on communication precision, this topic delves into techniques for crafting directives that leave no room for ambiguity. Through practical examples and skill-building exercises, attendees will develop the ability to convey expectations effectively, ensuring that team members interpret and execute tasks accurately. This module empowers individuals to enhance their leadership impact by fostering a work environment where clarity in instructions translates into the desired outcomes.

This topic is tailored for individuals seeking to enhance their leadership and delegation skills. Participants will delve into effective strategies for empowering and motivating team members to achieve shared goals. This module explores delegation techniques, communication strategies, and the art of collaboration, providing practical insights for orchestrating tasks and projects through a cohesive and empowered team. Participants will gain valuable tools to navigate the dynamics of teamwork, ultimately fostering productivity and success in achieving collective objectives.

This topic is designed to equip individuals with the skills necessary for seamless project management in the creative realm. Participants will delve into the art of translating design briefs into actionable plans, mastering the intricacies of project organization, and ensuring efficient execution. This module emphasizes strategic thinking, time management, and attention to detail, offering practical insights for navigating the entire design process with precision. By the end, participants will be adept at orchestrating a well-organized and successful journey from initial design briefs to the final execution of creative projects.

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