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IDI Awards 2020 – Design Skillnet Voucher Winners

4 January 2021
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IDI Awards 2020 – Design Skillnet Voucher Winners

A huge congratulations to the winners at this year’s IDI Awards, which were announced on November 4th! 

As sponsors of the awards, Design Skillnet were pleased to provide 6 winners with €5000 worth of vouchers to redeem against Design Skillnet programmes and events.


The 2020 Winners

O’Donnell O’Neill 

O'Donnell O'Neill IDI Awards 2020

Structures & Spaces Category – Hotel & Short Term Stay Design


O’Donnell O’Neill created an exciting Interior Design Concept throughout all aspects of the Mayson Hotel on Dublin’s North Wall quay. The idea was to seamlessly connect an Interior Design Intent from the building’s original historic features and finishes through to the new contemporary interventions.


An immersive experience was created in this unique space, leading patrons through from the front door to the Bars, Restaurants, Leisure spaces, Meeting spaces and the varied Bedroom accommodation in the Original and New sections of the Building.


Peter Legge Architects

Peter Legge IDI Awards 2020

Structures & Spaces Category – Residential Architectural Design


This project involved the renovation and extension of a large Victorian end-of-terrace house in Rathgar. Restoration and remodelling was required for the upper levels of the building, and a new contemporary living space was also added to the ground floor level. This allowed for a better fluidity and access to the rear garden which in turn resulted in lots of natural light streaming into the property.


Big O

Visual Communications – Use of Photography in Design

‘Superweirdos’ was the title chosen for this project, which focused on creating imagery for the 2019 Dublin Fringe Festival. The artist was positioned as the hero in this work, with creativity as their superpower, resulting in playful, distinctive and theatrical images. 


Electronic Sheep 

Electronic Sheep IDI Awards 2020

Fashion & Textiles – Accessories Including Footwear

A jewellery design collaboration between Electronic Sheep and Edge Only which produced an iconic piece of jewellery to mark Electronic Sheep’s 21st birthday. Challenges included representing both brands equally in the design, and translating imagery created by designers into jewellery scale. The piece needed to be unisex and not more than €300 – producing the cassette tape concept which evolved into the ‘Mixed Tape’ cassette pendant.



Spear IDI Awards 2020

Product Design – Industrial Products

Spear developed the ‘Storm Master’ underground anti-flood system which collects excess rainwater to prevent flooding. The idea behind the project was to design a strong system that was easy to transport, assemble and install, and could also be shipped more efficiently, with a reduced impact on the environment. 


Design Partners

Design Partners IDI Awards 2020

Product Design – Healthcare and Medical Products

As the healthcare system is becoming overwhelmed in the fight against Covid-19, ventilators are a precious resource for treating patients – not having enough is a nightmare situation. 

Design Partners innovated the Galway VentShare system, which allows healthcare providers to increase ventilator capacity, potentially doubling world ventilator numbers and dramatically improving patient care and recovery. 

Well done to the winners and we look forward to seeing what innovations this year’s IDI Awards bring!


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