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New collaboration with UXtree offering subsidies to learners on UX Tree Mastery Course: From Basic to Mentorship

28 February 2024
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As well as a renewed co-funding subsidy on UX Tree mentorship programme for the Institute of Designers Ireland (IDI) Members, we are offering 2 subsidised places on their UX Mastery course: From Basic to Mentorship starting on March 15th, 2024.


The course is a unique blend of bootcamp intensity and personalised mentorship, designed for individuals embarking on or shifting to a UX career. 

This programme is more than just a course; it’s a transformative experience – students will receive continuous guidance from experienced mentors throughout the course. And it’s CPD (UK) Approved – ISO Management Systems Certified!


The UX Tree Mastery course isn’t just about learning the basics; it goes much deeper. 

You’ll dive into topics like:

  • understanding what users need,
  • creating blueprints for website designs,
  • learning how to make digital interactions enjoyable and easy to use,
  • learning key skills in managing projects and working effectively with other people in your team.


What makes the UX Tree Mastery course special is the unique mentorship experience it offers. These mentorship meetings are a chance for you to:


  • talk about your assignments,
  • get valuable feedback,
  • ask any questions you might have.


Mentorship is like having a guide by your side as you navigate through new territory. It’s about learning from someone who’s been there, getting practical advice, and receiving support through challenges. Working with a mentor means you’re not just learning from books or lectures – you’re learning from real people with real-world experience.


  • Comprehensive Curriculum

Covering theory and practical skills


  • Mentorship Program

Working with experienced mentors


  • Real-World Projects

Apply what you learn in practical scenarios


Who is the UX Tree Mastery Course ideal for?


Absolute Beginners

Dreaming of a design career but starting from scratch? Our program is perfect for those without prior experience or formal training. We’ll guide you from the basics to building a solid foundation, showing that it’s never too late to pursue your passion.


Digital Professionals

If you’re in a digital role – like a Researcher, Product manager, or Developer – and want to deepen your UX knowledge, this program is ideal. Expand your understanding of UX principles, adding value to your current role and exploring new opportunities in design.


Experienced Designers

For those skilled in UI or Graphic Design, our program offers a chance to enhance your skillset with UX expertise. Dive into UX principles and techniques, keeping your skills sharp and relevant in the fast-evolving design world.


No matter your starting point, our program is designed to help you grow and excel in the vibrant field of design.


What will I learn?


The first 10 modules run from March to July/August, and each one requires two weeks for assignment completion.

They will cover:


Module 11 focuses on the Mentorship Programme and runs from March to January, offering an in-depth mentorship experience.


Course outcomes


Upon completing the UX Tree Mastery Course, you will have acquired a range of skills and knowledge, enabling you to:


  • User Research

You’ll learn how to chat with users and run tests to make your designs even better.


  • Customer Journeys

Create detailed maps showing how customers interact with your designs, focusing on what users need.


  • Information Architecture

Learn how to organize and label content in a smart and lasting way.


  • Interaction Design

Turn principles of interaction design into user-friendly interfaces.


  • Stakeholder Management

Learn to work well with stakeholders, making sure their needs are part of your design process.


  • Developer Handovers

Get great at passing your designs to development teams, making sure they turn your ideas into reality smoothly.


  • Professional Presentation

Boost your confidence and ability to show off your work.


11 months Duration 

~30 min/week with Mentor 

~35 hours/week Project work 



UXTree are currently running a special offer of €1999.50, reduced from the original price of €3999 for candidates who apply by March 14th. Design Skillnet is delighted to offer co-funding of €600 (30%) of this programme fee to successful, eligible applicants, bringing the fee down to €1399.50.

Design Skillnet Subsidy 

Co-funding of 30% of the Course fee is available via Design Skillnet for 2 places in this program.



Non-Members: €1,999.50

DS Members: €1,399.50


Co-funding will be allocated on a first come first serve basis to successful, eligible applicants.

To be eligible for this co-funding you must be (a) successful in your application to UXTree and (b) be member of IDI, IAPI, ICAD, 100 Archive working in the private or commercial semi-state sector and based in the Republic of Ireland.


Not a member? Email to find out how to join. 

If you have graduated within the past 3 years you may be eligible for graduate membership at the special graduate price of €30.Standard/Full (non-graduate) membership of IDI costs €197 per annum plus a one-off €50 application fee.


Apply for the UX Tree Master course via UX Tree

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