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Back to Business Safely

26 June 2020
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The Skillnet Ireland ReBound initiative upskills business owners and managers to take action, now.

Times have changed. So must our business practices.
As Irish businesses reopen and begin to gradually return to the workplace, many will have to adjust to adopt the practical changes necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Skillnet Ireland’s enterprise-led ReBound initiative, through its programmes of free specialist webinar training and one-to-one mentoring support, will guide SME Owners and Managers in implementing the ‘Return to Work Safely’ Protocol and support you to navigate a secure recovery.

Responding to the new normal will involve several steps, from implementing the ‘Return to Work Safely’ Protocol, workforce management measures, and examining new ways of working. For some companies, this may be simply doing things slightly different than before, and for others, the challenge may be greater, with steeper learning curves.

The ReBound initiative will upskill business owners and managers to take on this challenge.

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