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What Matters Most to Clients in 2024? What Clients Think 2024 Report

2 April 2024
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What Clients Think 2024

Following up on our What Clients Think Report 2024 preview with Jonathan Kirk, we are delighted to share the 10th Up to the Light’s What Clients Think annual report with you. As always, it is a fascinating snapshot of the client/agency relationship. So much has changed over 10 years and digital transformation has become a reality: AI, B Corp Certifications, Instagram, TikTok, influencers, ESG and sustainability, are now high on clients’ priority lists!

What Matters to Clients in 2024 in this time of economic uncertainty? What do they really think about agencies’ new business and pitches, websites, marketing content, new business presentations, value for money and building optimal client/agency relationships and how do you make them love you?

Now in its 10th year, this highly respected and influential annual report is a fascinating snapshot of the client/agency relationship, based on 675 client interviews (the highest number so far!) conducted on behalf of design agencies. As this is the 10th ‘What Clients Think’ report preview, Jonathan also looks at trends over the last 10 years and how client issues have shifted.


Did you know?

68% of clients are frustrated that their organisation moves too slowly, given the challenges being faced so, in your clients’ eyes, have your agency excelled in helping them cope or fallen short?

95% of clients with an in-house creative resource still see value in using external agencies for particular challenges

For clients, in-house resources can easily ‘go native’ and lack that wider experience that an external agency can bring for bigger, more strategic projects or where a fresh perspective is called for.

Do you offer multiple services? Do you concisely convey them? Agencies could work harder to ensure their clients are familiar with their full offer as 77% of clients only have partial knowledge of their agency’s full offer.

62% of clients recall periods where their agency has been obviously stretched or under-resourced.

Is your agency able to cope or are your slow response times, requests for more time, lack of quality control and attention to detail making your agency appear ‘stretched’ to clients? This often becomes a potential barrier for future big projects!

Is the agency doing the things it should be doing to spread the word and develop more business within a large organisation? Not always.

38% of clients can point out missed opportunities for agency clients’ development (proactive or lead generation actions aren’t been taken)


Find out more clients/agency insights, what clients think, what they really need from agencies and how to build a stronger relationship with them.

The What Clients Think Report 2024 covers the Clients’ world: their pressures and concerns in their immediate clients/agency relationship, how to win new business and clients, and finally, how to retrain and grow clients.

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