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Catch Up with Clare Brennan

15 February 2021
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Clare Brennan

Kettle on for a catch up with Clare Brennan, one half of Brennan and Stevens, a Dublin-based creative agency specialising in brand identity, many of which in the hospitality sector.


To say that the hospitality industry has been badly hit by the pandemic is an understatement. How has your company weathered the storm so far?

We’ve weathered the covid storm by making sure we’re willing and able to adapt our situation. It meant being flexible in how, and where, we could help our clients, and how we bring in work for our business – and also shifting focus each time the situation changed over the months. 


We’ve developed close relationships with our clients so when the pandemic first hit, we touched base and worked out how we could offer help to each one. And as time went on and some parts of hospitality started to reopen, we designed systems to help communicate with customers in new ways. Hospitality has always been lead by business owners that think differently, so as food and drink businesses have pivoted into new areas of the market, we have also created whole new concepts for them.


When did you join the Designs on Growth programme and which aspects shaped your working practice the most?

We took part in the Designs on Growth programme over six months in 2017. Each module was varied and benefitted us in many different ways, although I’d say the one aspect that shaped our practice the most was the 1-1 mentoring. This gave us the chance to talk to experts in six different areas of business and have advice completely tailored to our studio. Each session was around an hour or so and really gave us the chance to focus in on specific areas for growth or change, the results of which have had an impact on our work today.

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