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Great Day Out at GASP!

13 April 2023
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Design Skillnet at GASP!

Design Skillnet is committed to supporting design professionals in Ireland to further their business and professional success to the highest international standards. Therefore, it was our absolute pleasure to support and participate in GASP! The Business of Digital Storytelling – a Creative Industry Conference.

Taking place on March 30th, this curated in-person event, instigated by Piquant, celebrated an international growth industry that embraced creativity and digital technology.  Notable speakers from TikTok, RichardsDee, Nearform, Context Studio, Monotype, Cartoon Saloon, Design Skillnet and more discussed the topic of storytelling from their unique prespective.

gasp! panel

Design Skillnet’s involvement included taking part in the panel discussion on Scaling Up in the Creative Industry – facilitated by business accelerator coach Jeannette Naughton of Prospero Coaching, who delivers Design Skillnet’s Designs on Growth programme.

Design Skillnet & Institute of Designers in Ireland (IDI) were also delighted to host a drinks reception to facilitate informal networking and discussion.

GASP! drinks hosted by Design Skillnet


We dived deep into recurrent hot topics and listened intently to the discussions on the items that are most pertinent for creatives right now and for the near future – such as the Impact of AI, how Brands are Leveraging platforms such as TikTok, the 4-Day Week, Remote Working, Onboarding Junior Creatives, UX, Furthering the Impact of Design, Forging your Creative Path. 


It was a great opportunity to connect, learn and improve our skills and knowlege to better serve the creative industry. We came away with loads of takeaways and inspiration for future programmes!

Watch this space and our training page for exciting new events coming up in the next few weeks.


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